EMM & Associates is a Philadelphia based training and consulting company, dedicated to the advancement of consulting as a career choice and to the success of individuals on this path.

E. Mark Malone has spent the last 2 decades in Technology Consulting and Staffing; selling, teaching, coaching and delivering consulting services.  Directly delivering services and placing hundreds of consultants with clients has made very clear the unique combination of skills required to be a successful consultant.

Becoming a high value consultant with the flexibility to accept only clients and projects that interest you and to work where and when you want is not terribly difficult to do, but the path to get there is not always clearly marked.

The secret is to bundle your specialized knowledge and skills with the proper professional skills and then market and deliver your services as a business.

Our goal is to provide you with the most useful and relevant information, education, coaching, and connections.  All aimed at helping you achieve your goals.Success is not a riddle; it is simply the persistent execution of a good plan.


-E. Mark Malone