Project Rescue

We are looking for your projects already in failure, the high profile multi-million dollar projects that are behind schedule and in the red.  Our objective is to put this project back on track to help you realize the return on investment that you expected from the project.

If it Can be Fixed, We Can Fix It.

Not every project can be turned around , sometimes major adjustments are required.  But if it is possible, then we can do it.

In our experience, almost all project breakdowns are rooted in a lack of communication, expectation or execution.

The Team

This team is led by Mark Malone, who has established himself as a dependable resource in fixing high profile projects.  His credentials and track record are excellent.  The EMM team has been handpicked by Mark because we believe the difference between success and failure is in the individuals.  Professionalism, accountability and soft skills are things that cannot be measured on a resume.

If you have a critical project in failure.  You need to bring in someone who can quickly understand your business and business processes, establish credibility and build relationships across the organization.


We are a small team of Project Management experts, we can succeed where others have failed.  If you need help, please contact us to see if we have the right resource available for your project.  You can use the form on this page and we will contact you or you can call us.

Toll Free: 800-368-4731